Upgrade Your Business, Life and Self Concept with Human Design

2020 Vision

Empowering Yourself

for a New Decade

Two-Part Webinar Series with

Maggie Ostara, PhD

Tuesday, January 28th @ 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern and
Thursday January 30th at 12noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK

Create your life and your business from your super powers according to Human Design.

Join Maggie to discover empowering new ways of creating that are easier, more satisfying, and more productive with less effort. Working hard and harder is NOT the answer. Neither is working “smarter”.
Are you ready for a better way?

2020 Vision is like wiping the schmutz off your glasses.
Or drawing aside the curtains as the sun rises.
Or picking up a magnifying glass and suddenly seeing what was a blur come into focus.

It changes everything.

Join Maggie to discover:


How to shift your perspective to see yourself and your world more accurately and authentically.


How to manage your fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the future and turn it into fuel for creating on your own terms.


How you’ve been conditioned to engage with life in ways that are frustrating and exhausting you — unnecessarily.


Why trying to do things the way other people do, or the way you’ve been trained to, will not get you what you long for.


How your overwhelm and over-working parallel climate change and the ills of our planet.


How knowing your Human Design will liberate you from out-dated beliefs and behaviors that are stifling your self expression, well-being and prosperity.


The super powers you may not even know you have and how to claim and use them.


How Human Design lays out the clearest path to upgrading your self concept and manifesting your true potential.

Maggie Ostara, PhD teaches women thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs how to gain more visibility and expand their business savvy so that they can create lucrative and leveraged, soul-inspired businesses that positively impact the world.  When they work with her, Maggie’s clients deepen their sense of their own true value and learn to translate that value into the income they deserve and the impact they have always wanted.

Maggie is a multiply-published author, an arousing public speaker, an accomplished and beloved teacher, and a highly intuitive and results-oriented transformational coach and mentor. With backgrounds in Human Design, business development, online marketing and education, the healing arts, and advanced meditation, Maggie is passionate about teaching practitioners and teachers in the transformational fields how to make serious money.

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